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Jul 13, 2012 9:00pm EDT
a suspect. and then two weeks later, out of the blue, detectives got a call from austin, texas. >> and my lieutenant walked into the office and said, okay. and i said what? she said, austin pd just called our fugitives unit. we might have him in austin, texas. i said, what? >> reporter: travis had borrowed a car from an old girlfriend in colorado. when he did not return it, she filed a report. which might not have led to anything at all, but a town in austin with a little time on his hands checked out the license plate, first the report for the missing car and then travis forbes. >> so my lieutenant said, grab your search warrant for his dna and head to texas. so i hop a plane that night. >> reporter: a few hours later, gerlai was face to face with travis forbes again. >> you know what, they sent me to texas because they think you're running to mexico. >> i'm not going to mexico. >> he would call me nash, i would call him trap. it was similar to you and i just talking. i wasn't confrontational with him. if he asked me a question, i gave him an honest answer. >> you didn't come all this wa
Jul 20, 2012 9:00pm PDT
friday you all are playing the texas stars. >> reporter: this is an interview she did on the ice in her hometown of san antonio, texas. >> she's not two seconds on the ice and sure enough she falls flat on her rear. >> reporter: and she clearly loved a laugh, even when it was on her. twitter was her thing too, last night she persuaded an old buddy to go to the movies and, of course, she tweeted about that under her work name, jessica redfield. she joked about convincing her friend to go, people should never argue with me. and then another tweet from the theater, movie doesn't start for 20 minutes, she wrote. that was the last thing she ever tweeted. it went to her friend, jesse specter. >> i like to think of her as being just so excited to go see the movie. and as excited as she was about doing everything else that she did. >> reporter: jessica's family heard the awful news in the middle of the night. >> started with a phone call, early morning, in san antonio, texas, from my mother, hysterical. >> reporter: her brother jordan is a firefighter in san antonio. >> i could decipher my sist
Jul 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
with the president who was the brother of jessica ghawi. she grew up in texas. a big football state. she was known to be a hockey fan. she was a sportscaster. he was the first family member to come out and said i want people to know about my sister. i want people to know what was lost. he tweeted about how great it was for him to meet with the president and how he was so happy because the president had agreed not to mention the name of the shooter. we did get confirmation from the campaign that the president has agreed not to do that. miguel, you spent a lot of time in the community together. we see, obviously, the tremendous response here with more than 5,000 people. in churches and diners. a local sandwich shop where they are collecting money. here now, after meeting with the families, the president of the united states. >> good afternoon, everybody. i want to begin by just thanking all the state, local and federal officials who have responded magnificently to this tragedy. governor hickenlooper, who has already been dealing with a range of natural disasters here in the state, has been an extrao
Jul 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)